Letter from CEO: Our Beginning in Collision Software 

When I first started in the Automotive Aftermarket Industry, I remember using Business USA to come up with a target customer database of collision repair facilities for a marketing campaign. Only shops with 3 or more Techs with a revenue stream of at least $80K per month was the criteria and we came up with $50K leads. Today, the number of body shops is roughly 35,000 which is a significant drop that clearly shows the industry’s need to stay competitive.


With the onset of bargain insurance companies, the profit margin in the body shop has been strangled down to single digits. Shops that want to stay in business  5 years from now,  need to implement tools that will help maximize profit and keep customers heading into their facilities. A number of processes are available to the shops including efficient estimating, marketing, DRP programs, electronic estimating and management systems.  Inventory Control Software has mainly been ignored by the collision software industry and relegated to the fastener companies whose only main goal is to sell the customer more supplies.


Usually obtaining the “free” software from a vendor involves a contract that locks the collision repair facility into a dollar amount per month to continue using the software.  Fastener companies then have the power to shut the software off if the contract is not fulfilled or the shop changes vendors.  Any shop that has gone through the process of setting up an inventory system knows that it takes a little effort.  To have to go through the process every couple years when you want to change vendors, is just a waste of time. At Nuventory, the power is placed in the hands of the Business Owner and not the vendor.


With over 25 years  experience collectively with consulting and inventory management software, Nuventory provides the expertise to help business owners manage their expenses and profits.  With the shop controlling the material list, owners can decide what products are utilized and what stock levels they want to maintain eliminating overstock by well meaning sales people.


Nuventory has been developed to empower shop owners to manage inventory, monitor  technician usage and recover costs for items not on the original estimate.  Nuventory is dedicated to providing business owners with a user friendly software solution with the latest technology.  Ask us how we can provide you with excellent service.


Best regards,

Leslie Ross, CEO
Nuventory, LLC